Open House Tips

Tips For Buyers:

1.) Exterior condition of the house is a good indicator of the interior condition.

2.) Organized closets, drawers, and cabinets are usually a good indication of organization in other areas of the house, including furnace maintenance, exterior maintenance, roof maintenance, and HVAC maintenance.

3.) Be organized! Bring a print out of the listing or flyer before you go to the open house, bring a notebook for notes, and write down features that you like or dislike for review after you leave the property.

4.) Bring a camera and ask the agent if it’s okay to photograph the house.

5.) Ask the agent important questions about comparable sales, neighborhood perks, homeowner’s associations, the school district, scheduled home maintenance, and general home expenses.

6.) Take the agent’s name and number in case you have questions after you leave the property.

Tips For Sellers:

1.) The house needs to be in its BEST condition! Tips for improving the house for an open house:
a. Wash the windows and mirrors
b. Clear off kitchen and bathroom counter-tops
c. Make sure all light bulbs are working
d. Put out fresh towels and soap; maybe consider buying a fresh shower curtain
e. Take out old shampoo bottles and soap from the bathrooms
f. Make the entry foyer welcoming and smelling fresh
g. Place an area rug inside front door for wet boots and shoes
h. Thin-out, deodorize, and organize closets, cabinets, and pantries

2.) Curb Appeal should be in top condition, regardless of price! Tips for sprucing up the curb appeal:
a. Paint the front door
b. Mow the lawn, weed the gardens, trim bushes, rake the leaves, and shovel sidewalk—This is the buyer’s first impression!
c. Consider putting a fresh pot of flowers or evergreen by the front door
d. Clean the door hardware
e. In the winter the driveway and pathways have to be plowed and shoveled—NO EXCEPTIONS!

3.) Turn up the heat a little bit extra in the winter and turn down the AC a little bit extra in the summer.

4.) Make sure there is additional information about the house available for the buyers, including: plans, maps, photos, flyers, and even a letter about the house from the homeowner describing the neighborhood and what they love about the house.

5.) If the weather is overcast then make sure all the lights are on and the house is as bright as possible.